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When a boy is born, a hood of skin called the foreskin is covering the head of the penis. Whether it is for religious, hygienic, or social reasons, some parents chose to have this tissue surgically removed and expose the head of the penis. Circumcisions are typically performed within the first 10 days of birth, if not the first 48 hours, and can be executed in the hospital or in a ceremony at home. However, teenage and adult Circumcisions are not uncommon. Circumcision dates back to ancient Egypt and is available through several modern procedures.

How to Prepare

If you have an infant preparing for circumcision, bath and feed the baby as your normally would. For an adult or teenager, your physician will most likely want to have a consultation. Although completely shaving your pubic hair is not necessary, a trim aids during the operation. Due to the fact you will not be able to engage in sexual activity for up to six weeks after a circumcision, your physician will advise you to either masturbate to climax or have sex with your partner the morning of the procedure. Avoid alcohol, arrive fully bathed or showered, and empty your bowels and bladder immediately before the operation

How the Treatment is Performed

While adult circumcision techniques vary, a children's circumcision is usually performed the same. After placing the baby on a restraining board, the foreskin and the head of the penis (glans) is separated by medical instrument. Metal clamps hold the tissue in place while a cut is made into the foreskin around one-third its length. A metal or plastic bell is placed over the head of the penis to protect it during the entire procedure. Newborn circumcisions take up to 5-10 minutes and adult operations may take up to an hour.

After the Treatment

Both the newborn and adult penis will be swollen and appear severely bruised. This is normal and will eventually reduce over time. Adults will want to wear tighter underwear, which will hold your penis in place and avoid friction from swinging freely. Each physician will bandage differently, and the most common types are the immediate area or the entire shaft. Erections may pull stitches out so speak to your physician about special sexual precautions to take. It is not mandatory to take time off of work but 2-3 days off immediately after the procedure is recommended to promote proper healing both physically and mentally.

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