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Known as the most effective procedure for male sterilization, a Vasectomy is the popular answer for permanent birth control. After severing the vas deferens from both testicles, a surgeon simply seals them off preventing any sperm from mixing with the ejaculate. Without sperm in the semen, a woman cannot get pregnant. Although your testicles will continue to produce sperm your body will simply absorb it. A vasectomy is not immediately effective and your sperm count may not reach 0 until months afterward. Most vasectomy patients maintain the same amount of ejaculate fluid after a vasectomy.

How to Prepare

After you've spoken with your physician and planned the procedure, you should avoid anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin, Advil, and Motrin for 10 days prior to the procedure for they may increase the risk of bleeding. You may be asked to shave the front part of your scrotum the night before and also wear snug underwear or an athletic supporter as well. Be sure to have your own set of questions ready if you have them.

How Treatment is Performed

After a thorough cleaning and application of antiseptic, your physician will create two small openings in your scrotum where the vas deferens tubes are located. Once your vas deferens are snipped, the two open ends are stitched, sealed, or tied off. Some physicians may also use electrocautery to seal the ends. The vas deferens is subsequently placed back inside the scrotum and the skin is closed with (typically dissolvable) stitches. The entire procedure takes 20-30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis.

What Happens After

To help ease the discomfort of the procedure, apply a cold pack and remain on your back for the remainder of the day. Snug underwear or an athletic supporter will once again prove useful. Although you may experience some swelling or minor pain for a few days, you could be able to return to work after one day. You can resume sexual intercourse once you feel comfortable and a vasectomy will not adversely affect your sex drive, ability to reach and maintain an erection, sensation of orgasm, or the act of ejaculation. Please be fully aware that a vasectomy does not produce instant results and you will have to perform semen sample tests until you have reached a zero sperm count.

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